Monday, November 23, 2009


During a week when most Americans get together to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family, it is important for keep this in perspective. While we have been blessed with much (and too many of us take this for granted) there are so many in the world who are lacking even the most basic necessities.

The Sacramento Bee has an ongoing photo blog called The Frame that is full of breathtaking images. Last week, The Frame posted a new entry called "The World's Children". These images show heartbreaking examples of children fending for themselves in circumstances that I can barely even imagine.

As you take time this week to be thankful for what you have, please consider those in the world that have almost nothing to be thankful for. They are hungry, abused, tired, sick, scared, lonely, and many of them are young. Look at these images of the least of these- some of the poorest children in the world- and let it affect you. Let the looks in their eyes break through the callousness on your heart, and the indifference in your head. Can we help them? Of course we can. Just because we can't fix all their problems right away is no excuse for not starting somewhere. There are charities, non-profits, and churches everywhere that are getting involved in these difficult places. Find a way to support them.

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