Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Advertisers- Pay attention

Commercials that will cause me to turn off my radio or change the TV station without even thinking-

  1. Furniture sales
  2. That annoying girl from Progressive Auto Insurance (her name is Flo)
  3. Anything with Sally Field
  4. Nutrisystem
  5. Subway- I won't buy their footlong sandwich if it is $0.05
Consumers have changed, but advertisers refuse to change with them. We are smarter and better informed, so stop treating us like children. Take a week, read some Seth Godin, and then try again.

What commercials would you add to this list?


Dan Lunde said...

Good post... there are so many commercials that piss me off:

- anything that reminds us the economy is down the crapper, ie. "With a down economy there has never been a better time to buy..."

- commercials that are too loud and force you to turn the volume down just to talk to the person sitting next to you

- commercials for horror movies

There are many more.

Christopher said...

what's with all the horror movies lately? who is the target audience?