Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clash of the Titans

I would like to buy an iPhone really bad (really, really, really bad). It would sync seamlessly with my computer, and the 3G data connection would be helpful while traveling. If have used an iPhone, you know what I'm talking about. However, the bewildering decision by Apple to partner with only one carrier (AT&T) makes the switch tricky. Additionally, the cost is not exactly competitive when compared to other smart phone with data packages. These reasons aside, a recent decision by Apple to not allow a Google Voice app is troubling. Adam Pash posts a great rant on Lifehacker detailing the whole controversy. This affected me today as I struggled to decide what my new Google Voice number will be (yes, I got an invite!). Either way, I'm sure if a free iPhone was offered to me today, I would not hesitate to take it. Technology is an ever changing and developing field, and who can expect a perfect track record from a corporation? In perfect satirical fashion, The Onion took a shoot at iPhone users today. Give it a read it you're looking for a laugh.

Side note #1- You can get around most everything by jailbreaking your iPhone.

Side note #2- Apple stock closed today at $160, Google closed at $439.

***Update 8/14- I cracked and bought one this week!***


kommunikationsteven said...
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kommunikationsteven said...

I know AT&T's reception is really really bad. It seems like everybody right here own one but they always complain about the service. I heard a rumor that Apple might switch to Verizon next year. Glad that you are back man!