Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who is Tim Keller?

Christianity Today profiles Tim Keller and his ministry in their latest issue. This pastor of Redeemer PCA in New York city was a virtual unknown outside of his immediate context just a few years back. However now, thanks to the success of his latest two books (The Reason for God and The Prodigal God) as well as his work in the Gospel Coalition, many people are able to benefit from his wisdom and teaching.

Read the full article about him here.

Also, check out Keller give a summary of The Reason for God, complete with a Q&A session at Google headquarters, here.


jpgahagan said...

His lecture at the DG conference was brilliant; top of my list. As much as I hate the phrase "culturally relevant" I'd say he fits the description pretty well. This is the guy that our generation needs to hear. Oorah Tim Keller, oorah.

Christopher said...

people can find that sermon by going here-