Friday, June 5, 2009

Best of the Week

A list of some of the best technology related links from over the past week-

  • Google changes everything. They will soon change the way you look at electronic communication. Check out Google Wave for the future of email, file sharing, social networking, etc.... Seriously, give yourself a few minutes to watch the video.
  • The next version of the Xbox seems to add much of the gesture functionality that the Wii has, but incorporates real time communication. Give Project Natal a look.
  • Say goodbye to cable and satellite TV with their terrible contracts and customer service, and welcome the Hulu desktop.
  • Can't figure out what is wrong with one of your old gadgets? Then take matters into your own hands with iFixit.
  • More Google news- check out Google Squared for help with comparing and analyzing your search results.

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jpgahagan said...

Google is the anti-christ! They're going to eat us all! Kill your computer! Run!