Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Apple a Day

With the health care debate ready to go into full swing in Congress, Americans would be wise to take some time and study health care systems from around the world. This way, they can write thoughtful, informed letters their respective members of Congress instead of just parroting back whatever they heard from their favorite cable TV pundit.

Mark Steyn gives a snapshot view of Canadian healthcare-

In the Province of Quebec, patients suffering from serious incontinence - ie, they have to aller aux toilettes jusqu'à 12 fois par nuit (that's 12 times a night) - have to wait three years for a half-hour operation. That's 3 years times 365 nights times 12 trips to the bathroom.

There are only two urologists in the province who perform the operation, in part because hospital budgets are so tight they decline to buy the necessary "neurostimulator".

Read the whole article here.


jpgahagan said...

Who cares about Mark Steyn... he's so yesterday. The only Marx this world needs is Karl.

Being in the military gives me a first hand look at government run health care. It is not something we want for our children and grandchildren. Trust me.

Christopher said...

Joe- Thank you for introducing me to Steyn. It has been great reading him regularly.