Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dogs are great

Dogs make great pets, and good companions. When someone compares dogs to cats, I laugh a little bit, because I can't understand how any comparison exists between a really cute puppy and a kitten. Either way, check out an interesting article from the Seattle Times about how dogs maintain a certain sense of morality and display emotion (cats on the other hand are soulless creatures that are probably here to do the devil's work). So take off your theological hat for a few minutes and read an interesting article about man's best friend.

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jpgahagan said...

You know, when I lived at your house I got pretty close with Piper. In the short time we spent together he really started to "get to know me". After the pell-mell, topsy-turvy excitement of being let out of his cage he quickly settled into the appropriate behavior according to whatever I happened to be doing at a given moment - he knew that if I was reading he should sit quietly at my feet and chew on a sock or something (with the occasional nip of my toe - probably to make sure I wasn't falling asleep); he knew to relax if I wanted to relax; he knew when my attention was on him or not; he knew the difference b/t play time and not play time (and play he could!) and the most meaningful to me were the times when I wasn't doing so well - be it physically, emotionally, spiritually etc - and he comforted me with an unexplainable but ever present display of compassion. Even though he wasn’t my dog I still experienced the trust, loyalty, peace and comfort that comes along with being a dog owner even just for these short moments throughout the week. This article is an accurate attestation of the fact that dogs do have something different about them and that they really do earn their title of being mans best friend. All that to say, Piper is a good pup.

Otis is a real champ too… another great experience of a different breed (all pun intended).